The company Business Trans Service renders services on transportation of automobile bodies. Transportation is carried out by truck tractors of the German brand MAN with the help of specialized trailers.

Transportation of car bodies is a popular service in the field of modern cargo transportation. This type is of particular relevance for companies engaged in the assembly of road transport. From the company that provides body transportation services, strict compliance with the delivery schedules, the smooth running of all involved services and the availability of specialized road trains are required.

BTS has all these factors, which allows us to successfully carry out its activities. To date, we provide services for the transportation of bodies to the production association of PJSC AVTOVAZ and to the company for assembling cars of JSC ChechenAuto.

Transportation of bodies is carried out around the clock in both the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. Own logistic service ensures uninterrupted operation by means of a special monitoring system that provides real-time data on the location of the tractor.

The truck transport company BTS is equipped with high-tech equipment that allows to control:

  • Fuel consumption;

  • Speed ​​tractor;

  • Technical condition of the truck...

Road trains are connected to the global navigation satellite systems GPS \ GLONASS.

The high level of services provided is achieved through the automation of all business processes of the company. Modern technologies were introduced, a unified information logistic system was built that unites the work of all participants in the process:

  • Carrier;

  • Warehouse;

  • Transport section;

  • Manufacturer;
  • Cargo owner;

  • Consignee;

We guarantee the safe and efficient transportation of car bodies. The service is provided in a full complex (from repair work to storage on its own site), which ensures the entire integrity of the cargo transportation process.